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Fairyland Kindergarten caters to preschool children with the guiding principle of providing a healthy environment for a holistic development. A wide variety of carefully chalked out curriculum comprises of creative, multi-cultural and concept formation activities. This curriculum which progresses from simple to complex and from concrete to abstract is divided into three terms (from June to March).

Our tradition of Early Childhood Education in a community set up has been successful since its inception. The students are groomed with the right values, healthy attitudes and habits essential for their all round development.

Parental involvement plays a vital role as education imparted in school is reinforced by the parents at home. Annual workshops on creativity are held for the parents so that they stay abreast of the art and craft world. 

Inclusive Education is a part of our education upholding every child’s right to education. A well equipped resource room and therapies are provided depending on the individual needs of the students.


Dear Friends,

Warm Greetings to you!

With gratitude to God I am extremely happy that my dreams are being fulfilled .I had an earnest desire to build up an institution where education is blended in all colours of human values keeping in mind all round development of personality as a major goal.